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and writing

Working with our authors to produce successful projects.

Great care is taken to maintain the author's voice and intent, while smoothing out grammar, syntax, spelling and structure.

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editing of books and magazines

some details

For a Better Life

Yugoslavs on the Goldfields of Western Australia 1890–1970
104,000 words   300 images
with References, Annotated Bibliography, Index
352 pages + covers
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Shattered Ideals and Fractured Identities

Western Australia to Yugoslavia and back 1948–1955
50,000 words  140+ images
with Appendix, References, Bibliography, Index  196 pages + covers
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Woodlines of Western Australia

128,000 words
200+ images
with Appendices, References and Notes, Bibliography, Index
450 pages + covers
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Cottesloe – A Town of Distinction

164,800 words
340+ images
with illustration of map on endpapers, Appendices, References, Bibliography, Index
420 pages + covers
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WANTFA ‘Precision Farmer’ journal

(formerly ‘New Frontiers in Agriculture’)
Issue: 36-48 pages
Agriculture association journal with a mix of scientific research articles and topical stories.
All text is sub-edited before design stage, with liaison with the editor for approval. The whole journal is then proofread when layout is complete.
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